I am Pastor Bridget Williams Co-Pastor and Founder of Ebenezer Love Fellowship Church and “From the Heart” is designed to give women a place where they can apply the Word of God to some issues they may be having in their lives. My heart goes out to the Women and young ladies that seems to be struggling with a certain issue or the same issues over and over, . . . and sometimes they just need clear steps, clear thoughts through the Word of God to see their way out. As a Mother, Daughter, and Wife I strive to apply the Word of God in EVERY area of my life.

The topics will vary and if there is a topic that we have not discussed, please send me an email and we’ll get you some answers.

HELP (Healing and Encouraging Ladies with Power) Ministry is an outreach of Ebenezer Love Fellowship Church in Wimington, Delaware. Our mission is “Helping People with Life by Helping People to Christ!” and this discussion board is one way we will get the message of God’s love, grace, peace, joy, strength, and power into your life.

God Bless and let’s talk, . . . .From the Heart!